Parish Plan maps

The following maps may be useful:

Archaelogicial – shows areas of prime, potential and unknown areas of archaelogy

Routes – shows railway, primary, secondary and coastal routes

Sub region diagram 2 – shows proposed sub regional centre

The medieval Chislet estate

Links with Canterbury

Transport enhancements – proposed speed/weight restrictions and bus and cycle routes

Designation and Zoning diagram 5

Proposals to the village diagram 6a

Proposals to Lakesview Business Park diagram 6b

Ordnance Survey map of 1872

The Ramsar zone overlay map

Rare wildlife locations map

Parish boundary changes with effect from 02 May 2019: The boundaries of both parishes and wards are periodically reviewed by the Government and the Local Boundary Commission. The parish boundary shown in this Parish Plan accurately reflects the boundary of Westbere in 2011 at the time of publication.

However, a Governance Review exercise led by Canterbury City Council began in 2016 and following public consultation considered changes which were finalised in 2018 and actioned in 2019 to take effect from the parish council elections of 2 May 2019. The aim of these new changes was to both reflect the changing development of Kent and the increase in housing numbers, and to reflect the identity of the new emerging communities better.

The result was that, with effect from May 2019, the parish of Westbere lost 15 houses along Island Road and the industrial park to a new parish council created for Hersden, which also comes into existence from 2 May 2019.

And two outline permissions for development of the Hoplands Farm and The Old Colliery site, for circa 250 and 370 homes respectively, previously in the Westbere parish boundary, also move to the new Hersden parish.

The new parish boundaries are identified on the following maps: Map of Westbere post May 2019 and Map of new Hersden parish post May 2019